Friday, June 22, 2012

Week 27!

Holy cow, I cannot believe I am almost in my third trimester!!! I feel like it has gone by so quick. The funny thing is, when I say that to other women who have been pregnant, they tell me to knock on wood cause the third trimester goes by the slowest, understandably. I physically feel like I'm this pregnant though, and I'm really sporting the big belly, it just doesn't feel like time lines up.

Cravings: Everything! Cheese grits in the middle of the night, double checker burgers with cheese(ew!), frozen red grapes, pumpernickel bread, cereal. I've also been craving beer. Really good beer, not Bud Light. Tonight I went to a beer and wine tasting in Sarasota and got to have a few sips of some really good beers. It was amazing.
Sad Things: I've finally hit that point where my pregnancy emotions are coming out in full force. I'll cry over anything and everything. For example, Bobby's dog Titan is often locked in his room during the day while he is at work. The reason being that Titan loves to get into things when he's bored, and we've had one too many pairs of sunglasses and slippers and make-up brushes go towards his entertainment, so unless we're watching him he can't be unattended. The problem is, if he know's someone is home, he barks, whines and scratches at the door constantly until someone gets sick enough of it and lets him out. It has really started to irritate the shit out of me, and the only way to get him to stop is to go in there and scream at him or threaten him with violence, haha. Since that is not really the best way to treat a dog, we're trying some new methods, one being ignoring him. On Monday, after screaming at Titan and then having Woody reprimand me for doing so, I sobbed. Like really, sobbed. The floodgates were opened up and the rest of the day I cried over everything, it was ridiculous. Haven't really cried since then, thankfully, but it was definitely hormones.
Happy Things: I love Woody so much, he's been amazing. We've been getting more and more ready around the house. I started a garden shortly after my last post... planted some flowers and we all did a lot of yard work. I have three Earth Box's going with tomatoes, mint, rosemary, basil and oregano. I've also got some lavender growing, which I loooove! Woody had me buy a couple jalapeno plants and a banana pepper plant, so hopefully those work out, too. So to wrap it up, I love gardening and it's been a big stress reliever and a good place to channel some energy. Inside the house we've cleaned out the playroom some more, moved in a buffet table to the living room and made it into an entertainment center, and today I had the carpets steamed. Holy cow, it's made a huge difference. The carpets were disgusting and I really didn't think they would clean up very well, but they look awesome and smell a lot better. I'm not so worried about letting little Max crawl around on them anymore.
Weight Gain: 14 lbs. Though after the past few days of me stuffing my face I'm sure it's a little more than that, haha.
Aches and Pains: My pelvis and lower back muscles and bones are uber tight. I can't say it necessarily hurts, I just feel like everything is stressed to it's limit and not flexible or as mobile as it used to be. I look and feel like an old person every time I bend down or get up. I have to move very slowly or it will cause pain. Stretching every night has helped, I think. Now that Max is much bigger, he is pushing up into my stomach causing a lot of indegestion. It gets pretty uncomfortable if I've eaten a larger meal, so I have to scale back and eat much much smaller portions than I've been eating so far.
Movement: Max is moving around like crazy as usual, and his kicks are starting to get painful! I know I shouldn't complain about it too much though, cause it's bound to get worse as he gets bigger and stronger. However, when I realize I haven't felt him kick in awhile, I get really freaked out. Tonight, as I was beginning to write this post I realized that it had been several hours since I felt him move, and that led to me jumping around and then laying on the floor wiggling him around just waiting to feel him move. The thought of losing him is terrifying. It took about ten minutes to wake him up(poor kid) but I eventually felt the wiggle and was incredibly relieved. I don't know what I would do...
Sleep: Been sleeping alright. The past few nights have been good, but for about a week I was sleeping terribly. Right now I've got myself on a pretty good schedule. Around midnight every night on the dot I start feeling the exhaustion creep in. In the mornings I've had a hard time getting up, which is pretty odd for me!

On Wednesday of this week I went in for my last OB appointment for the second trimester. From now until 37 weeks I will being going every two weeks instead of monthly. Then, once I'm full term it will be weekly. I'm measuring at exactly 27 weeks, my vital signs and weigh are great, no protein in my urine... so the basic stuff is good. My blood work came back showing I'm anemic though, which sucks. I've been feeling super weak the past few weeks so I had an idea that was the case, so now I get to take iron twice a day and wait to get my energy back, if at all. Meh.
This weekend will be nice though. On Sunday we are having a big family dinner with Woody and Bobby's Dad. We're not supposed to know but their step-Mom Ashley is pregnant so they're telling us at dinner. Gotta practice our surprised faces, haha.

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