Monday, April 9, 2012

16 Weeks

16 Weeks so far!
Cravings: Pickles, frozen coffee drinks, Chinese food
Aversions: So many! Cigarette smoke and the scent of alcohol makes me want to vomit. So does morning breath. I won't let Woody kiss me until we've both brushed our teeth, because there have been several times I've had to run to the bathroom to puke. >:(
Happy Things: Getting really excited about moving out into our own place. Looked at a house near my parents for rent on Terra Ceia. It is beautiful and is on a canal with a dock. The house is on stilts and has a nice front porch, and is 2 bedrooms, 11/2 bathrooms. Fingers are crossed. 
Sad Things: Really anxious and ready to get a new job. I am signed up on several websites advertising nanny services, and a few of the positions I have applied for sound very promising! Nannying is good money, especially for the larger families. More kids = more money!! I just get very impatient waiting for replies. Hopefully I'll be hearing back soon.
Weight Gain: None so far! I am at the same weight that I was at when I found out I was pregnant at 8 weeks. I  had lost 10lbs due to morning sickness, but that is slowly creeping away and the weight has come back. The OB would like me to gain 25-30lbs before having the baby, so I have awhile to go. As of now, I am supposed to gain 1-2lbs per week. Also, no stretch marks as of yet! But I do have a little belly coming in so we'll see how long that lasts...
Aches & Pains: My lower back has been killing me this week, which is expected! My fundus(top of the uterus) is sitting about 1-2 inches below my belly button, so my pelvis and lower back are starting to bear more weight than they are used to. Heating pads and bubble baths help!
Movement: Felt the baby move this evening! Was unusual, felt like it sounds but was still unexpected and like nothing I've ever felt. Looking forward to the next time it happens so I can describe it better.
Sleep: Like a log! I feel tired all of the time. But I have the random days where my energy is through the roof. Tonight I had my Mom give me a Vitamin B12 injection so hopefully tomorrow I will be feeling more energetic.
Gender: We find out the sex on April 26! My intuition still tells me it's a boy. Woody is hoping for a boy, and my parents think and hope it's a girl. 

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