Sunday, April 8, 2012

Oh shit, I'm pregnant.

Finding out I was pregnant was not as scary as other times I took tests. I had had "scares" before with my ex-boyfriend, but it was mainly scary cause I knew it wasn't a good situation to bring a baby into. This time around, I wasn't scared at all, I didn't even cry! ;)
It was early February, and it had been since mid-December since I had a period, so I suspected something was up. Until that point, I had just thought that maybe since I was on antibiotics so long, it messed up my cycle, so I continued to live life as usual. Unfortunately and regretfully, that included getting drunk a few times and some cigarettes, but hindsight is 20/20 and so far the babe and I have a clean bill of health.
The night before I found out, Woody and I were on his porch cuddling before bed, and I mentioned for the first time that I might be pregnant. I asked him what he thought and he was super level headed and calm, we would just have to deal with it and bring home baby :)
Next morning, sure enough, the two lines came right up on the display of the pregnancy test. The rest was simple, telling my family was great; my parents had been waiting for that day for years and couldn't have been happier. Friends were shocked, but not surprised. From here on out, this blog will be about my daily up's and down's. There are plenty, but I am so excited and can't wait! Trying not to be cliche, but I can't wait to hold our baby!

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